Guidebook “Pattern for enhancing digital technologies in School education”

ONLIFE developed a GUIDEBOOK with 6 case studies from different schools in order to understand the patterns for enhancing digital technologies in school education. The IO1 has been prepared with a sociological and organisational approach by means of the collaboration of all partners. The purposes of IO1 was to develop a theoretical framework and understand organisational processes in promoting digital innovation in schools. As a result, GUIDEBOOK: Patterns for enhancing digital technologies in School Education consists of:

  • best practices; standards and constraints
  • suggestions for policymakers, decision-makers / school systems
  • teachers' professional development and European quality assurance standards
  • how micro-policies translated into practice
  • the promotion of digital resources in teaching activities(online and/or blended)
  • teachers' professional development on digital transformation; e-learning quality standards; online/blended school policies

The full Guidebook is available HERE

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